The Wrekin

The path up the Wrekin is well worn, stony and broad.  It is difficult to imagine it as an ancient route because we are so captivated by the notion of the Iron Age as unpopulated except by a few hardy souls wrapped in bear skin and leather sandals.  Perhaps this was a track taken by … More The Wrekin

Annie Swynnerton’s portrait of Millicent Fawcett

Annie Swynnerton’s work is not about England, nor is it particularly English in any parochial way.  Largely forgotten and now considered undistinctive among the ranks of her contemporaries, her work does not exhibit those English tropes of localism, melancholy and naturalism that often pervade the municipal galleries.  Viewing her work it seems to have a … More Annie Swynnerton’s portrait of Millicent Fawcett

Leptis Magna

The British have been very good at acquiring ancient artefacts and presenting them in various incongruous settings.  Perhaps none are more unlikely than the remains of Leptis Magna in Virginia Water.  Removed by Col Hanmer Warrington on behalf of the Prince Regent in 1817 from their site near Tripoli, as many as could be taken … More Leptis Magna