Bury Black Pudding

The first thing about black pudding is that it’s not specifically English at all.  You’ll remember from school Homer telling of Antinous declaring for prizes for a fight that “we have some goat’s paunches roasting there at the fire, which we stuffed with fat and blood and planned to have for supper.”  There may be … More Bury Black Pudding

Escomb Saxon Church, nr Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham

One of the things I love most about Escomb church is its setting, not on an isolated hillside on the moors or in a village of Tudor thatch and medieval gables, but amidst what feels a fairly prosaic twentieth century housing development.  Everything about the church and the site feels ancient, from the circular shape … More Escomb Saxon Church, nr Bishop Auckland, Co. Durham

The Salvage Gang

The biggest character in The Salvage Gang is the bed.  A big brass thing on castors, closely related to something from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, it outshines both the four protagonists and the city it travels through.  The premise of The Salvage Gang, a get-rich-quick scheme going wrong, is engaging and the performances by the children … More The Salvage Gang

David Wynne’s Man of Fire, Hanley, Staffordshire

I didn’t expect much from a trip to Hanley.  The museum was highly recommended, there’d be coffee shops and charity shops, everything else was up for grabs.  Passing the museum on my way from the station I was brought up short.  A lovely pocket park, a former churchyard with a mother and child sculpture, Arnold … More David Wynne’s Man of Fire, Hanley, Staffordshire